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About us

Since we began, both of our organizations has provided a wide variety of special needs populations with all-inclusive affordable housing. We are committed to providing our clients with clean, safe all-inclusive living arrangements and case management that cannot be found elsewhere.


Vanessa J. McCray, CEO

I can attest to being broken-hearted, messed up, cast down, abused and cast out! My life has been through a tsunami of tornado experiences from sexual molestation as a child to domestic violence and sexual abuse as a high school teenager and young adult (age 16.5-22) to a state of marriage survivorship and innermost struggles (age 30-36) to a traumatic separation leading to a divorce (age 36-40) and now (age 42-present) living and walking out the abundant life God has created for me! 


My greatest challenge through all of the above was to ensure that I never mask myself again, but to stand in "Victory" and proclaim the goodness of God and that He shall deliver you!


I am pioneering a platform from traumatic experiences of child molestation, domestic violence, early age single mother, being raped, a divorcee, almost homeless to my God given platform of conquering as a bold and courageous woman of influence, power, culture, elegance and stamina that has overcome much in my life.


A passion of always helping others has emanated into a journey of helping others overcome the same obstacles in their lives. I began to walk my strength with others in the early 2000's as a strange woman approached me to watch her child as she "went away" to handle some business. (I'll share that FULL story in person with you ONE DAY when I see YOU-for those that are reading this!). Not knowing but yet knowing what to do, I consulted my partner as to what he would think! We both proceeded to become foster parents. This is where I saw the mind blowing actions of other foster parents that were in it just for the money! I saw when youth graduated from the program that many of them had no life skills taught to them, many of them did not graduate high school, many of them were not employed and did not know how to obtain employment and definitely didn't have a clue about  being self-sufficient and living on their own.


Enraged at heart my mind began moving quickly to develop a program to assist young adults aging out the foster care system and this is why Dunamis was birthed. Now over eighteen years later I have transitioned into another state and am helping many more that are experiencing the same thing to include single mothers and single fathers.


Although I have never been in the foster care system personally, I have experienced a lot of what they have experienced in the system leading them to a dangerous path of destruction. Dunamis program is designed to redirect them from this destructive path and lead them in a path of new beginnings and learning how to cope with their traumatic experiences. My two biggest takeaways with the program for the youth aging out is being able to reduce and/or get them off the medications that they were previously taking most of their lives and them graduating with their own permanent housing.


As such with great results, our program is expanding to to assist other special populations and my Team and I are truly excited about this!


Our Process.


Screening & Application Process.


Although we do have a standard checklist of requirements, we do take a holistic approach to our screening and application process.

Most of our clients typically originate via a shared referral source. Often times this could be from a DFS worker, other independent living providers, case workers, doctors, nurses, community resources or even the clients’ family.


Taking the holistic approach allows our staff to better understand the special needs of the particular client and therefore helps us to make a better informed decision.

Our Mission

The Special Needs Populations We Serve.

We provide limited special needs housing options inclusive of:


  • Transitional and emergency housing for youth aging out foster care.


  • Transitional housing for youth diagnosed with mental health, mental illness and other developmental and behavioral related issues.


  • Transitional and emergency housing for single mothers aging out foster care.


  • Transitional housing for single mothers.


  • Emergency housing for domestic violence survivors.

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