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Camouflage Housing

Camouflage Housing Mastermind Webinars


How to Open, Manage & Sustain a Transitional Facility Debt Free!

Have you been given a Vision to open a transitional facility?
Have you researched and still couldn't find any resources to guide you the way you know it should be designed?
Are you seeking guidance and a proven business model with strategies and principles as to how you can Open and Manage your own transitional facility?
Camouflage Housing Live Webinar is the perfect starting point for you! The Webinar is designed to give you information, key strategies and principles to getting started. The Webinar is broken down systematically to ensure you receive clarity and understanding of what you need to know.
Here's the link to register for live Webinar on March 17th, 2020:

VIP 3-Day Intensive Quarterly Weekender Locations: 

Dallas, Texas

May 8th - 10th, 2020


June 19th - 21st, 2020

Jacksonville, Florida

July 24th - 26th, 2020

Camouflage Housing Coaching Program

90 Day - VIP Coaching

Providing three (3) months of Coaching. Includes homework assignments, 2 group coaching calls per month, 1 follow-up teleconference call per week, grant writing training and 1 personal visitation from me for an impartation and/or lunch/dinner and a host of fun! This will only be open to five (5) individuals and offered  2x per year. End goal is to have you open your own facility within 45-60 days after participating in the VIP Coaching unless otherwise specified.

Camouflage Housing Coaching Program

VIP 3-Day Intensive Quarterly Weekender

My Partner and I will travel to confirmed locations quarterly to provide training, hands-on document(s) development, grantwriting how to's and so much more in an intimate atmosphere of getting your questions answered and work done setting. Only 10 spots will be available! Bring your laptop and let's have some fun while learning. End goal is to have you open your own facility within 90 days after participating in the VIP Quarterly Weekender unless otherwise  specified.