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Program Services

Our programs provide transitional housing, supportive (social) services, life skills development and management as well as leadership development to our clients from various lifestyles and referral sources.

The program supportive (social) services are defined as but not limited to intense case management such as goal setting in the areas of life, employment/business ownership, career planning, mental health assistance, individual and group sessions. Supportive services also include a high school diploma program, referrals needed to community resources and emergency funds if available.

All of our residential care homes are specifically designed to provide housing and related services to each particular demographic. Because of this, our residents have access to a wide array of services provided by outsourced 3rd parties. These include:


  • Nurse home visits

  • Social Work

  • Behavioral counseling and therapy

  • Medication management

  • Financial payee

  • Other case management sources

  • Educational programs

  • And many additional services as needed



In addition to the service provided by our outsourced 3rd parties; we also offer a wide range of services included in our flat monthly fee. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Linens

  • Washer and Dryer

  • Social Room Television

  • Telephone

  • Food and Grocery (provided as a backup solution)

  • Case Management

Our Future.

In addition to the transitional facilities that we already have (youth and single mothers), beginning FY2020 Dunamis will be expanding to provide a wide variety of special needs housing options. Some of these will include but are not limited to:

  • VA Housing

    • Designed specifically for veterans. Our veteran housing will provide residential care homes for both disabled and non-disabled veterans. We will work directly will the VA and all affiliations of the Armed Forces to ensure that our servicemen and servicewomen are provided with quality and safe housing upon returning home. We will provide group home and transitional living residential care homes for veterans of the armed forces throughout the local area.

  • Halfway Homes/Parolee Housing

    • Because we understand that many individuals have been incarcerated have a difficult time locating housing after leaving jail or prison. We will work with these individuals on a case-by-case basis. We will provide ex-offender housing for non-violent ex-offenders

  • Sober Homes

    • Our organization will provide and sober homes for those with addiction and alcohol and drug related problems. It will be designed and managed for those with dependency related issues such as alcohol and drugs. These homes will maintain a drug and alcohol free environment which will also come with mandatory AA classes as well as alcohol and drug counseling.

  • Assisted Living/Elder Care

    • Housing provided for the elderly and seniors without any disabilities. Many seniors these days are elder on fixed incomes and is in need of low-income and low-cost housing in a group home environment. This is where we will assist. These properties will be designed and managed for elders and seniors on fixed incomes.

  • Domestic Violence Shelter Homes

    • Designed to provide life skills development and management toward self-sufficiency. Many of these homes will be similar to an underground where confidentiality of identity will be initiated.


Each housing facility will be specifically designed for each particular demographic.

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